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The "Picasso Of The East" - Artwork That Transform Time, Space, And Cultures.

The "Two-in-One" collection is a visual symphony of contrasts, seamlessly melding Eastern and Western art into bold and deformed compositions. Red dominates the palette, symbolizing passion, intensity, and the dynamic interplay of tradition and modernity.

Chew Fang Chin's brushwork is expressive and energetic, capturing the essence of dualities and contradictions inherent in the human experience. Each piece is a reflection of Chew's profound understanding of cultural fusion, inviting viewers to explore the complexities of identity, heritage, and individuality.

In the "Two-In-One" collection, Chew seamlessly integrates Eastern and Western influences, creating a dialogue between contrasting elements. This harmonious fusion, marked by dominating red tones, speaks to the passion and intensity of western art.

Chew Fang Chin emerges as the artistic thread that binds these seemingly disparate worlds. His ability to draw inspiration from both Eastern and Western traditions while crafting a distinctive artistic identity is a testament to his mastery.

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