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Chew Fang Chin, a visionary artist from Sarawak, Malaysia, stands at the intersection of tradition and modernity. Recognized as Malaysia's national treasure and Sarawak's cultural ambassador, his art encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.


Chew Fang Chin's hallmark lies in his harmonious fusion of Eastern and Western artistic traditions, creating a unique blend of innovation and cultural tradition. Over four decades, Chew has established himself as an artist whose work not only captures the essence of cultural preservation but also fosters global recognition of a disappearing ethnic culture.


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  • Dreaming: Two In One (静思: 二合一). 2015

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     TWO-IN-ONE Collection

  • Orang Ulu - “Hornbill’s Feathers” Welcome Dance
    (内陆少数民族 ”犀鸟羽毛扇“迎宾舞). 2015

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  • View of Longhouse in Balaga
    (长屋风景山水画 – 布拉甲). 2014

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     LANDSCAPE Collection

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