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《原始浪漫的热带风情 – 周方正其人其画》"Primordial Romance of Tropical Winds – Chew Fang Chin: The Man and His Art"

“无论是田野之趣或人物神韵,大部分都以蓝色为基调,再以墨色勾出⻣干架构, 衬托以渲染层次。他采用一种极为粗糙的“草纸” 或水彩颜料或图画的石⻘,石绿,形成苍奔渲厚的气势。然而并非每一幅画都能安排得很完整,誓如企图利用锥形,球形等分解及重组物象的尝试,常因构成不稳定,造成色面衔接不清,也掩蔽了画家所欲传达的意念。线条把握已经相当流利生动的周方正,相信以其努力和天赋,很快便能拨云⻅日,开创更广阔的绘画大道。“

English translation:

"Whether capturing the charm of rural fields or the essence of human figures, most of his works are grounded in shades of blue, with black ink deftly outlining the structural bones, and enhanced by layered washes. He employs a coarse 'grass paper' along with watercolor pigments and mineral colors like azurite and malachite, creating a dynamic and textured impact. Yet, not every piece achieves complete cohesion. His ventures into deconstructing and reassembling objects with conical and spherical shapes often destabilize the composition, allowing color planes to seamlessly connect and articulate the artist's vision. Chew Fang Chin's command of fluid and vivid lines suggests that, with his dedication and natural talent, he will soon break through the clouds, unveiling a broader and more expansive artistic journey."

Source: 台湾《雄狮美术月刊》1987年3月。 《原始浪漫的热带风情 – 周方正其人其画》


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